4 Things to Get the Most Out of Sunday Morning Worship

10 Jun


If you are like me, then you want to get the most out of our Sunday morning worship time. When I leave on Sunday afternoon, I want to know that I have had rich fellowship with God and other believers. I want to hear God’s voice and experience His presence in a way that only occurs when we are in corporate worship. If these are your aims and desires as well, then here are a few things that you can do this week to get the most out of Sunday morning.


Pray for the entire worship experience that will occur this Sunday, and the people who will render service. Pray for the greeters, ushers, musicians, singers, youth and children’s workers, pastors, and all who will attend. Pray that they are able to connect with the Lord during the week in worship, so that Sunday morning continues a thread that they have already begun. Pray for the men and women who will attend on Sunday. Pray that they will be open and receptive to the leading and guidance of the Spirit of God. Pray for breakthrough, deliverance, healing, restoration, reconciliation, and above all else…salvation.


Read and meditate upon the text for the week’s sermon (if it is provided ahead of time). You should read through the text several times. Meditate upon what God was saying to the original audience through the text. Then meditate and pray upon what God may be saying to you through the text.


Don’t stay up on Saturday night until the wee hours of Sunday morning and expect that you will be primed for worship. Get to bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday night, and wake with anticipation and excitement.


Expect that God will meet all of the people together gathered in the sanctuary on Sunday morning in a mighty way. Come seeking to receive God’s best from him, and give your best to Him. Remember worship is participatory and exponential…you get more back than you put in, but only get back when you put in.

What is your weekly routine to prepare yourself for worship on Sunday morning? What are you going to do different as you prepare for this Sunday? What are you expecting from God personally or corporately this Sunday?

Stay blessed and keep pressing toward the mark.

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